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Whether you’re having technical difficulties or need to chat with a live person, we’ve been there. Take a peek at our roundup of frequently asked questions or feel free to say "hi” to an Application Specialist with the chat live icon on the bottom right anytime Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm CST. 

Outside of chat hours? Submit your question to our Specialists by sending an email here

  1. Why can’t I apply for a few jobs at once?

    If you have created a profile, much of your information will be pre-populated. However, the pre-screening questions and skills are specific to each job opening.

  2. Can I apply in person, using a paper application?

    We, unfortunately, can’t accept paper applications. Our online system is easier, faster and lets us notify you with jobs that match your interests.

  3. Can I delete my account or profile?

    Yes. Just visit and fill out our support form. Center hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM CT. Please allow 24-48 hours for response.

  4. How do I attach my resume?

    In your profile, go to the Summary page and click edit on the attachments section. Browse for your document and click open. Enter any necessary comments and click attach.

    You can attach up to five files, which you can update up to five times in a 30-day period.Keep file size under 1024 KB (kilobytes).

    To overwrite an existing attachment, just replace it with a file with that same name.

  5. I have never completed a video interview. Do you have any tips?

    Don’t stress. Check out our video interviewing FAQ for candidates.

  6. Why am I being notified about jobs I didn’t say I was interested in?

    If you applied for a job that was available in multiple locations, including the one in your Employment Preferences, you may be notified of jobs in those additional locations. Click Remove under Location Preferences for unwanted locations.

  7. Why do I need to enter by Social Security Number? How do I know it’s a secure site?

    Your SSN helps us check rehire and testing eligibility. When entered, your SSN is encrypted using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

  8. What happens if I don’t enter my Social Security Number or my unique identifier from my application?

    Your SSN helps confirm your identity. We might not be able to process your application.

  9. How do I remove previous job applications from the My Submissions page?

    Our site doesn’t allow you to remove previously submitted applications.

  10. How do I change my email address?

    Click Account Options after you log in to your account. There will be a link prompting you to change your email.

  11. Can I have more than one email address?

    No. Multiple emails may prevent you from completing the required steps.

  12. Where can I find more information about Contractor opportunities?

    You can learn more by visiting our Contractor Opportunities page.

  13. Who can I call for help with my app?

    If you just need technical assistance with your account or application, visit our help page and fill out our support form. You’ll hear from us in 24 to 48 hours. Our center hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM CT.

    If you need a job accommodation, this email template will walk you through with additional questions.

  14. How do I find the status of my online application?

    On the Advanced Job Search page, click on the My Jobpage tab and select My submissions. Click Submission Status to check for updates on your application. You may also select Finish Submission, Withdraw or View Email Messages.

  15. How can I reset my username or password?

    Head over to the login page and select the applicable link. If you forgot your password, you’ll need to verify your username and email address. To reset your password, you’ll need to correctly answer your security question to get an email with reset instructions.

    Note: If you enter an incorrect password three times, your account will be locked. But don’t worry, if you wait 15 minutes you can try again.

    Note: The system will inform you that your username OR password is incorrect, but will not designate which one is incorrect.

  16. I keep getting a message that says “Unknown Application Submission.” What does that mean?

    On the My Job page tab > My Submissions page, you might find a position listed under Completed Submissions that you didn’t apply for. This can happen if you have been matched to a job by a recruiter who’s interested in reviewing your general profile for a particular position.

  17. Is my browser causing problems?

    Maybe. First, make sure that Javascript and pop-ups are enabled when you’re on the site. We recommend using IE8 or higher, Safari 6.0x or higher, Firefox 17 or higher and Chrome 37 or higher.

  18. I’m having trouble completing the test from my device. Any ideas how to fix it?

    We recommend not using a mobile device or tablet when taking the test. You’ll need a full screen to see all of the questions.

  19. What should I do if I can’t add my employer or education institution to my profile?

    Next to the Employer/Institution field, click the blue “select” link. Type “other” in the search box and click refresh. Select “Other Employer” or “Other Institution,” as applicable

  20. Why do I keep getting a test invite even though I already completed mine?

    Even after completing the test, you’ll still need to click the “Start Test Now” link to record your results.

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