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Applicant Resources

National Transfer Plan CSE Portal

  • If you have been involuntarily separated from the company due to a surplus and have CSE rights, this is the portal for you to search for jobs.

    If you have accessed the NTP/CSE site:

    • Simply click “Start your search” below.

    If you have never accessed the NTP/CSE site:

    Follow the log-in instructions below and when ready, start your search.

    • Enter your Username as: ATTUID (Example: AB4567)
    • Enter your Initial Password as: Last 4 digits of your SSN + First Initial** of First and Last Name in CAPS + Full Birth Year. (Example: 1234AB1970) – enter password exactly and do not include any extra spaces at the beginning or end
    • You will be prompted to change your password after correct login
    • Change your password according to password rules shown on the screen

    **First and Last Name Initials of your REAL name (not nickname)

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